Who we are

The De Haro Street Community Project began 10 years ago when current residents of the 1300 block of De Haro started planting various shrubs and trees on the median in front of their homes in order to beautify the block. As time went by, residents organized sporadic cleanup days to remove debris and weeds on the median.

When the Corona Virus pandemic hit, with the Shelter in Place orders mandated by the city, a core group of neighbors decided that getting outdoors would be nurturing and put in place weekly social distanced meetups to focus on the median. The beautification of the median project flourished, and progress became visible – and inspirational. Improvements took the form of planting an array of drought-tolerant plants and clearing away overgrown plants.

Now we are more than just neighbors, we are friends with a purpose, a community, and together we have a goal to continue to improve and transform our street.

In the spirit of being a force for positive change in our community, we are setting in motion a vision of transforming our block into an inspiration for all the South Side of Potrero Hill!

DeHaro Street Project trees